Things to Do

Mariposa Grove 2011-Credit Keith Walklet (6)-Courtesy of YC

Yosemite and its surrounding areas are so expansive, consider staying a few days to truly relax and enjoy its many attractions.  Visit Yosemite in all its seasons – Spring brings an explosion of color and rushing waterfalls, while Summer brings lush greenery and outdoor activities. The brilliant colors of Fall are spectacular, and Winter showcases nature, wrapped in white.

Throughout the Park, you’ll find endless scenic beauty, with opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, biking, horseback riding, and so much more!

So whether you’re planning to visit Yosemite for one day or one week, there is a lot to enjoy!

There are countless things to do while visiting Yosemite, but there are some that stand above the rest.

Top 10 Things To Do