As the season’s first snowfall blankets the meadows and mountains, Yosemite National Park is transformed into a winter wonderland full of exciting adventures and winter activities for you and your family.

Many have the impression that when the first day of winter arrives in Yosemite, the whole place closes up tight until spring. They are mistaken, the Yosemite and its residents do not hibernate. There are notable changes in winter, but most of them add to the unique beauty of Yosemite during this special season. Much of Yosemite wears a covering of snow, and once-thundering waterfalls quiet themselves in frozen dormancy.

The Tioga and Glacier Point Roads close, and visitor activities center on such winter sports as skiing, ice skating or snowshoeing in Yosemite. Whether it’s skiing the slopes of Badger Pass Ski Area, snowshoeing beneath a full moon, or ice skating with Half Dome as your backdrop, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with nature and each other.

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