With stunning topography ranging from oak-studded foothills to soaring 13,000-foot peaks, Mariposa County is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Its record-breaking waterfalls, abundance of unique flora & fauna and the fact that it plays host to a top wilderness destination — Yosemite National Park — make this corner of the globe a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But with all these accolades comes great responsibility. The ecology of Yosemite Mariposa County is extraordinary, yet at the same time fragile.

Recent forest fires have proved this, as has the impact of the increasing number tourists who come to enjoy their public lands. The solution is not to scold or shun, rather to welcome and educate. We’re constantly discovering new ways to better serve and protect Mother Earth, while reminding ourselves of the tried and true customs that have been passed down from generations. Here are some tips on how to wisely — and safely — enjoy our beloved mountain paradise.

yosemite travel responsibly
Travel For Good

While some of Nature Rules! are common sense, others are a bit “off the beaten path.”  We encourage  visitors to learn & share them freely in anticipation of their next visit to Yosemite Mariposa.  We also encourage a Travel For Good philosophy, which at its heart features respect for each other and for Nature.

For those who want to take a step further, consider a Voluntourism program where you can come enjoy all that Yosemite Mariposa has to offer while at the same time giving back.  GeoTourism, an approach of spending more time in a smaller region, saving resources, reducing pollution and immersion of self into a destination. EduTourism, or immersing yourself into the indigenous and cultural history, as well as the scientific knowledge of an area such as regions geology, flora, fauna & nature.

With so many interesting people to meet and beautiful places to explore, it’s a win-win for you and the environment.