One of the simplest — and most impactful — ways to protect our wild lands (and ourselves!) is preparedness. This Know Before You Go approach leads to a smooth, well-designed trip thus guaranteeing a safe, fun time for you and your crew.

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Listen To Your Mother. As you enter the blissful space that is Yosemite Mariposa, take a deep breath of pine-scented air and embrace the biggest mama of them all — Mother Nature. This means respecting her beauty while also being aware of the potential dangers of the natural world, all the things we’re not exposed to back home. By doing this you’ll keep yourself — and the emergency personnel who work so hard on our behalf — safe and sound.

Point A to Zzzzzz.  Once you enter Yosemite National Park, know where you’re going and — if spending the night — where you’re staying. Driving aimlessly can cause traffic jams not to mention degrade the environment from increased fuel use and air pollution. Whether pitching a tent or booking one of Yosemite Mariposa’s many hotels, plan ahead by making reservations and never camp in an undesignated area.  This causes long-term damage to sensitive ecosystems, a big no-no in our protected lands.

Arrive Early, Depart Late. Avoid the recreation rush hour and maximize your outdoor time! Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular in these parts, best experienced outdoors with a gentle breeze in your hair and golden sunlight kissing your cheek. Also, by staying longer you’ll have more time to explore while reducing both your stress level and carbon footprint. Fun fact: 100 years ago the average Yosemite Mariposa vacation lasted 3 weeks!

Hiking Gear
Plan ahead to make sure you have the supplies you need to be safe and self-reliant.

Pack To The Future. Think head about what you’ll need to pack for the length of your stay and how you’ll be traveling (from minimalist backpacking all the way to luxury resorts). The changeable weather of Sierra seasons informs your gear: extra layers, a waterproof shell (if only for the waterfall mist!), plenty of drinking water (or water filter) and properly stored food.

Bring A Friend, Tell A Friend. Yeah, we’ve all entertained the thought of going rogue ala Alexander Supertramp, but in reality the best approach is hiking with a friend or two. Whether it’s the risk of injury or navigation troubles, nobody wants to get stuck in the wilderness alone. On that note…be sure to tell your friends & family back home your exact hiking route and entry/exit times, even if you’re only going for a day hike.

Safe Pet, Safe Bet. Consider whether your pet will be comfortable in the Great Outdoors, and know there are wild animals who might not play well with others.  If you decide to bring Fido, research which trails are pet-friendly and bring a leash. If you want to hit that special trail where pets are off-limits, some Yosemite Mariposa hotels offer pet-sitting services.