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Waterfalls. Mountaintop vistas that seem to stretch on forever. Hiking, swimming, history, museums. Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the legendary landmarks such as Half Dome or the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias.

This is just a sampling of the inspirational things you’ll find when you visit Yosemite Mariposa County. Here, you’ll find everything you need to get inspired for your next trip, including custom itineraries, what to see and a lay of the geography for first-time visitors.

yosemite falls
Yosemite Falls

Visiting Yosemite for two days?
A week?

However long you’re calling Mariposa County home, we have an itinerary you’ll fall in love with. Explore the trails and taprooms of our region with one trip, experience five days of outdoor adventure with another. Or, visit us during fall and take in the most gorgeous scenery nature affords. Whether you’re traveling solo or with the whole family crew, we have a trip for you.

So Much Variety, Such Little Time

What to See in Yosemite

So, you’re wondering what to see in Yosemite? Glad you asked. From the stunning beauty of Tuolumne Meadows and the Tuolumne River to the majesty of Bridalveil Fall, Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall, the list of things to see in Yosemite is long, impressive and likely to keep you coming back time and again.

Other landmarks such as Lembert Dome provide satisfying hikes and photography excursions while getting the heart pumping. Would-be adventurers and nature lovers alike will find their new favorite vacation destination after a short time in Yosemite Mariposa County.

visiting yosemite
Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Mariposa County’s Regions

When planning a trip to Yosemite, it’s important to think outside of the park. While many of the world’s most impressive natural wonders are found within its confines, there’s much more to explore within greater Mariposa County. The High Sierra, for instance, offers a vast alpine meadow and incredible views. The High Country is also a must-see region, home to iconic landmarks like the Cathedral Peak. Explore all the regions of Yosemite Mariposa County by visiting the Yosemite Mariposa County Regions page. The regions outside Yosemite are steeped in history and not to be missed. Visit photogenic historic small towns (and tasty restaurants), as well as the open spaces between that feature fishing, rafting, mountain biking and much more.

Yosemite Mariposa County Regions
visiting yosemite
Downtown Mariposa

Thinking of staying in Yosemite? Consider the broader region beyond it. With Yosemite National Park in its northeastern corner, Mariposa County is also home to much more natural beauty worth exploring. From the rolling hills of Catheys Valley and the scenic roadways of Hornitos in the western part of the county to the timeless wonder of Wawona and Fish Camp south of the park, there’s more Western and Native American history, ghost town exploration, hiking, swimming and fishing to be seen than anyone can cover in a single trip.

Explore Mariposa County

Spring Things To Do

Psst. We’ll let you in on a little secret. Spring is low-key one of the best times to visit Yosemite Mariposa County. In this shoulder season, there’s still snow on the Sierra, but the valley begins to come alive with wildflowers and the waterfalls are a sight to behold, gushing forth their exuberance for the coming of summer. So, don’t miss this loveliest of all seasons in — and around — the park.


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Did you know there are more than 25 waterfalls in Yosemite National Park? With winter slowly shifting towards spring we're excited to watch the high country snowmelt start bringing them to life!

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Half Dome has many looks in different seasons and from vantage points.  How many of these have you seen?

Great video from @cookdog77

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When sunrise warms the chilly valley, you might see Tunnel View looking like this! With the cooler evening temperatures and warmer mornings coming in spring, it's about to be a great season for misty scenes in Yosemite!

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In the right conditions, these last few weekends in February are typically best for seeing Horsetail Fall's natural "firefall" in Yosemite. Check out the Yosemite Firefall 2024 guide (link in profile) and stay updated on Yosemite's forecast as you plan your visit! 

Keep in mind: Temporary Vehicle Reservations will be required to enter Yosemite during the final three weekends of February (link to info also in profile).

Photo by: @elliotmcgucken

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Epic views, no hiking required. With so many accessible trails--and so many wonders visible from the car--Yosemite is an amazing destination for all. 

Keep in mind: Temporary Vehicle Reservations will be required to enter Yosemite during the final three weekends of February (link to info in profile).

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