Relaxing Yosemite Activities from Shopping to Spas

Not All Adventures are Outdoors

Ah, leisure. While some love the thrill of racing down a river or summiting a high dome, the rest of us are content to kick back in low gear with shopping, perusing museums, sipping on local wines and other relaxing activities. This article will highlight some of the top leisure activities in Yosemite Mariposa County so you can keep things low key and relaxing.

yosemite history and culture
History & Culture

Soak in iconic photography at the Ansel Adams Gallery in the heart of Yosemite Valley, dig into history at the Mariposa Museum and History Center or listen to classical hits with the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra. Yosemite is big on culture, showing that we’re more than just beautiful terrain.

History and Culture
leisure activities
leisure activities in yosemite

Spas and Wellness

There’s nothing like the bliss of soaking in a quiet hot tub, getting a massage or heating up in a sauna on a spa day. In fact, every day is a spa day in Yosemite Mariposa, thanks to our selection of premier wellness centers, luxury spas and holistic health centers. Go VIP at Ascent Spa at Tenaya Yosemite, reduce stress and indulge in relaxing activities at the Yosemite Health Spa, then keep your chakras aligned with the Balanced Rock Foundation in El Portal.

Spas and Wellness
golf in yosemite

Relax with a few rounds of golf at Yosemite’s Wawona Golf Course. This was the first regulation course in the Sierra Nevada when it opened in 1918, and has been welcoming golfers ever since. Recently, the golf course has also opened to disc golf.

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shopping in mariposa county
mariposa county shopping


No question that the scenic wonder of Yosemite Mariposa County is on par with the most gorgeous places on earth. But the shopping is pretty fantastic, too, if you have a little free time. From upscale local gifts at the Ahwahnee Gift Shop to groceries and essentials at the Yosemite Village Store, the region offers shopping for everything from knick knacks to big ticket items.

fishing in yosemite

Fishing in the middle of a mountain stream or lower elevation lake with the soft hum of nature all around is a slice of heaven. Wade in and hire a fishing guide to find the best spots, or read about how to find fish in Yosemite Valley and greater Yosemite Mariposa County.

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breweries in yosemite
Photo by Courtney Konopacki
wine tasting in yosemite

Wine Tasting and Breweries

Get a taste of Mariposa County and our fabulous, full-bodied wines from the surrounding Sierra foothills. The combination of hot days and cool nights makes for the perfect growing region. Or toss back a craft beer at a local brewpub at one of the area’s many brewhouses, bars and wine tasting rooms.

Tasting & Breweries
gold panning in yosemite
Gold Panning

Strike it rich while gold panning! Learn what it felt like to pan for gold on the Merced River as so many people once did. Whether you find the life-changing nugget or not, you’ll be richer for the experience.

Pan For Gold
yosemite guided tour
yosemite guided tours

Yosemite Adventure Tours

Take a bus tour, see Yosemite from the air, get expert tips from local guides or let yourself be led to the top hikes in the Sierra Nevada. With Yosemite group tours, private tours and small group guided tours, you’ll fill out your itinerary in no time. See Half Dome up close, learn camera tips on a photo tour or just sit back and let the tour guides do all the work.

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