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Witness the Bold Beauty of Winter

Mariposa County, home to Yosemite National Park, is the perfect place to stay & play while you explore Yosemite this winter.

Winter Activities
Mariposa. Winter. Adventure.

Winter's Breathtaking Beauty Awaits

What’s on your Yosemite National Park winter bucket list? Staying in historic Mariposa County during your visit to Yosemite this winter is sure to help you knock a couple winter adventures off. Mariposa County offers a unique winter experience, perfect for the entire family. From breathtaking hikes through snow-covered fields to fresh powder at Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area and even dreamlike sleigh rides through pine forest. There’s more than a few reasons to plan a family holiday in Mariposa County. Holiday events in and around Yosemite Mariposa County are plenty. This region truly has it all.

Get Inspired by Yosemite Mariposa County

You’ve never seen Yosemite like this. From summer to fall to the snowy depths of winter and Yosemite National Park’s glorious spring revival, experience a year-round tour of one of America’s most extraordinary places. It’s time to get inspired by Yosemite by Yosemite Mariposa County.