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Merced River Canyon

El Portal may seem to be a sleepy little town along Highway 140 just outside the Yosemite National Park gate, but there are loads of El Portal, CA restaurants, fun activities and surprises for all ages to be found on and off the beaten track as Yosemite guests head towards the park’s famed Arch Rock entrance. Discover El Portal, CA hotels, places to eat, adventures, and more!

Image Caption: Take your time soaking in the views on the drive to El Portal from Mariposa, and don’t forget to bring your camera for photos in the Merced River Canyon.

What To Expect on Your Trip to El Portal

Highway 140 is designated as a Scenic Highway by the state of California, and it’s well-deserved: Be prepared to take a lot of photos as you wind through the Merced River canyon from the west. This wild river is on its way to the sea from Yosemite Valley, and is a photographer’s dream in any season.

One of the first attractions you’ll encounter as you get close to El Portal is Savage’s Trading Post, California Historic Landmark #527. The current building is a reconstruction and has been added to by the adjacent Yosemite Redbud Lodge, which offers a number of vacation rentals. Originally, miner James Savage built a store on the site in 1849 with one of his many Native American wives.

Hite Cove by Kimberly Lawson
Merced River Canyon

Nearby is Hite Cove, known for its hiking trails in spring and summer, and especially for the wealth of wildflowers to be found here in late March, April, and May.

Along the Merced River, you’ll discover many camping, picnic, and day-use areas, such as Indian Flat and Red Bud, which feature picnic tables, restrooms, parking, and other amenities. Some of these have rafting launch sites, and fishing and swimming are possible here depending on the season and swiftness of the current. Keep in mind that the river is melted snow coming from the high peaks in Yosemite, so exercise caution and be prepared for a brisk experience!

Image Caption: Hite Cove in the Merced River Canyon on the way to El Portal is a can’t miss trek. (Note: the trail is not set to open until the summer of 2020) Photo by: Kim Lawson, RuggedBeauty.com

Kids Rafting
rafting in yosemite

If you’d like a more organized adventure, there are a number of professional whitewater rafting companies like Zephyr Whitewater Expeditions and OARS River Rafting that provide safe and fun half- or full-day excursions along the Merced River just downstream from El Portal.

If you’re looking to see what a day on the river is like in Mariposa County, take OARS and Zephyr’s first-hand accounts to get an idea.

If that’s too much adventure for your group, enjoy a calm float trip through Yosemite Valley with a rental raft, or check out excursions provided by Yosemite Conservancy including guided walking tours, including wildflower and birding excursions, in the El Portal area.

What To Do Once You’re There

Is El Portal Inside of Yosemite National Park?

El Portal is located next to the Merced River, nestled near Yosemite National Park’s Arch Rock Entrance.

yosemite valley railroad history
Merced Canyon
Yosemite Valley Railroad History

Make sure to take your trip through the Merced Canyon slow in an out of El Portal, you won’t want to miss scenes like this one.

As El Portal is literally “the portal” to Yosemite, it also served as the terminus for the Yosemite Valley Railroad until 1945. Passengers would ride the rails to the beautiful wooden station (sadly now gone), then board other transportation to continue their trip into the park itself. One of the highlights of the town is its display of equipment and buildings from these railroading days.

yosemite valley railroad
yosemite valley railroad el portal

Historic Turntable and Trails

Just a few yards west of the El Portal Market and gas station, turn north onto El Portal Road, and you’ll see a number of lovingly-preserved artifacts. The person-powered turntable is an exact reconstruction of the original on the same foundation as when the line began service in 1907. Just to the left, you’ll see Yosemite Valley Railroad caboose #15 and the Hetch Hetchy Railroad #6 engine, which operated in the steep terrain just north of Yosemite Valley during the construction of the dam that now delivers water to San Francisco.

Image Caption: The turntable, Yosemite Valley Railroad caboose #15 and the Hetch Hetchy Railroad #6 engine all sit just inside El Portal as an homage to how people used to get in and out of Yosemite National Park.

Water Tower and Station House from Bagby

The Exchequer Dam flooded the nearby town of Bagby in the 1960s, which was one of the main stops along the railroad on the way to El Portal. The twin water towers and station house from Bagby were saved and moved to their current location with the other train equipment. The 1907 Bagby station house, just to the right of the turntable, currently serves as the headquarters for the Yosemite Conservancy. The water tanks, turntable, and station house are on the National Register of Historic Places.

The World’s First Trading Cards

Interested in Victorian ephemera? You’ll be delighted to discover the museum-quality cigarette card collection in the lobby of the Yosemite View Lodge, just outside the park boundary. Cigarette package cards were the first trading cards, with the most famous being the Honus Wagner baseball card (sorry, that $2 million-dollar treasure is not present here). Each set is well-framed and is a fascinating glimpse into the art and pop culture of days gone by.

El Portal, CA Hotels

If you’re looking for a place to stay in El Portal, the previously mentioned Yosemite View Lodge and Yosemite Cedar Lodge are both great options. Both properties are right on the Merced River – relax by the pool at the Cedar Lodge or dine in-house at the Yosemite View Lodge’s River Restaurant!

If a bed & breakfast is the kind of experience you’re looking for, check out the Blue Butterfly Inn in El Portal. Visitors looking for an outdoor experience can even stay at the Indian Flat RV Campground, a park with outdoor cabins and access to a pool and gift shop as well as space for reservations for both RVs and tents.

For all of the lodging in the El Portal area, check out our lodging page and use the advanced search tool at the top of each section to filter just the El Portal area accommodations into your search.

Image Caption: Located in El Portal, along the Merced River, Yosemite View Lodge makes a picturesque basecamp for your explorations of Yosemite Mariposa County.

el portal ca hotels
Yosemite View Lodge
el portal restaurants
Cedar House Restaurant
El Portal, CA Restaurants

Stop for a bite to eat in El Portal before heading into Yosemite at one of the town’s several local options! Located in Yosemite View Lodge, The River Restaurant & Lounge serves classic American Food, while Parkside Pizza offers freshly made pizza. Visit the Cedar House Restaurant, an El Portal favorite known for its fish and chips – or the Canyon Lodge Bar and Grill for a burger and a drink.

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Stock Up in El Portal

If your final stop before entering Yosemite National Park is the local gas station and El Portal Market, use this viewing spot to locate Chinquapin Falls cascading from the granite cliffs across the river to the south. Like most of Yosemite’s waterfalls, it’s seasonal and best viewed in the winter and spring. It’s just inside the park boundary, and the first true Yosemite waterfall you’ll see on your adventures.

Pro-tip: This gas station is the last you’ll encounter while you’re on your way to Yosemite Valley. You’ll have to drive south to Wawona or north to Crane Flat to get gas in the park, so fill up if your tank is low. El Portal Market is also a great place to grab food, and drinks for your trip in or out of the park.

Image Caption: Tear your gaze from the beauty of the Merced River just long enough to make a stop at the El Portal Market and gas station. It’s your last chance to get fuel before entering Yosemite National Park.