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Yosemite Fall Photography

Yosemite fall photography allows you to capture some gorgeous scenes and experience the park with small bursts of color.

fallphoto1Starting around the second week of October, Yosemite Valley takes a fall transition with cooler evening temperatures and color changes from many deciduous trees in Yosemite Valley. In addition, fall weather conditions usually create more dramatic weather patterns with early morning fog and more scattered clouds during the day.

For a great list of fall color trees in Yosemite Valley click here

Points of interest to capture some great fall photos:fallphoto2

  • Pohono Bridge – You can find a canopy of colors along the path from Pohono Bridge near the Merced River.
  • Tunnel View – A classic viewing point of Yosemite Valley. If you visit after any recent high country rainfall you can expect to see Bridalveil Falls flowing moderately.
  • El Capitan Meadow – Long grass and small patches of aspen trees along the border provide stunning earth tone contrasts for photos.
  • Valley Gates – You can look across the river towards Yosemite Valley and capture El Capitan and Bridalveil Falls from ground level, the adjacent shoreline is peppered with various trees and shrubs that provide amazing colors during fall.
  • Happy Isles – This lush almost marsh-like section of Yosemite Valley has a remarkably diverse range of trees, most notably the dogwood which will turn bright yellow at peak around late October/Mid-November.
  • Mirror Lake –  The water levels in Mirror Lake have receded by fall but the surrounding treeline offers stunning scenes of color. Also, with the receded water flow to Mirror Lake, the water is calmer and offers even more stunning reflections of Half Dome.Yosemite Fall Photo Guide

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