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Discover Yosemite in the Fall

Autumn Adventure Awaits

It’s easy to fall in love with Yosemite in Autumn. Cooler temperatures and fewer people make exploring easier and more comfortable. There’s nothing better than the fall season for hiking and other outdoor activities. The black oaks, big leaf maples, dogwoods and other deciduous trees put on their fall colors starting in the high country with quaking aspens and working downhill, and lodging prices fall with the temperatures meaning that this is a great season to look for deals on cabins, hotels and more.

Yosemite Reservation System Ends September 30

Just plan your visit, show up, pay the fee and you’re in. Yosemite National Park’s Temporary Peak Hours Vehicle Reservation System ends on September 30, just in time for two to three good months for Californians and other visitors to experience Yosemite in all its fall glory. That means that the High Country will still be open for several more months until the first winter storm comes. At lower elevations, the days will still be warm and inviting for swims in the Merced River or vista-filled hikes to Glacier Point or up the Mist Trail.

Making a post-reservation-system visit to Yosemite is made easier by the late summer and early fall season’s lower lodging rates as travel tapers off after peak season. also offers great special offers on lodging to help lessen the hit on your pocket book for a great fall vacation!

Warm Days. Cool Nights.

In the fall, Yosemite’s daytime experience can almost feel like an endless summer. Temperatures in Yosemite Valley and at lower elevations remain warm through the day, but as the sun falls in the western sky so do the temperatures, so pack a sweater – you’ll need it to enjoy those night skies full of bright Yosemite stars.

Looking for changing leaves and beautiful fall foliage? Start in the higher elevation regions of Tuolumne Meadows where the temperatures get near freezing before Yosemite Valley’s do. The aspens along Tioga Pass road begin to change as early as September, but if you’re hoping to see the Valley’s maples and oaks change colors, that comes around late October or November, proving the old adage that fall in the mountains marches downhill.

Looking for activities and suggestions to help plan your visit to Yosemite? Take a look at the links below to start planning an unforgettable Yosemite Mariposa County Fall vacation.