old stone jail
exterior of old stone jail
E. Clampus Vitus plaque stating the history of the building
Mormon Bar-South 1858-60

Mariposa Old Stone Jail

Mariposa Old Stone Jail

Central Mariposa County

5012 Bullion St, Mariposa, CA 95338

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The Mariposa Old Stone Jail is the current standing historical jail facility constructed from 24 inch thick granite blocks which were quarried from the earth at Mormon Bar. The original stone construction; contrary to today was built with two stories, a flat roof, and featured gallows overlooking the town.

This stone structure replaced a smaller jail used to detain prisoners who were to be transported to Mariposa from Hornitos. Another small jail at the time is located in Coulterville and both of these historic buildings still stand today as historic attractions.

The jail facility in Mariposa that predated the Old Stone Jail was built in 1852 constructed with local logs and can be found next to the present day cemetery in Mariposa behind the Trabucco Warehouse. In 1858 a fire destroyed the majority of the south end of Mariposa, including the jail. The Old Stone Jail was then constructed, costing almost $15,000. In 1892, a fire was started from inside of the jail as an escape attempt and the structure was then rebuilt and modified to its current standing.

The Old Stone Jail was in use for 105 years until it was condemned in 1963 and now is a historic attraction.

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