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Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides

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Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides

SYMG was started in 1991 by three friends offering hiking trips into California’s mountains in hopes of more closely meshing lifestyle with work. The combination proved successful and SYMG has become a leader in the active travel and mountain guiding world, providing carefully planned and executed trips in the most spectacular wilderness areas of California and beyond. Now, 30 years later, we’ve shown thousands of people the beauty of Yosemite and the High Sierra and have been named one of the “Best Outfitters on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

SYMG’s day hikes and rock climbs are the perfect opportunity for someone with only a short time in the area. For those looking for a grand multi-day adventure, SYMG is unique in its offerings of pack-supported treks on the JMT, in Yosemite and the Sierra. It is the traditional style of mountain travel in the Sierra and SYMG’s is truly the trip of a lifetime

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