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Sentinel Dome and Taft Point

Sentinel Dome and Taft Point
Sentinel Dome and Taft Point
Distance: 2.2 miles (3.5 km) round-trip
Elevation: 7,700 feet (2,345 meters)
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1 hour (to Sentinel Dome or Taft Point)
Begin at: Trailhead for both Taft Point and Sentinel Dome is off Glacier Point Road

Sentinel Dome and Taft Point

These short hikes offer incredible views and are a great place for a sunset picnic (take a headlamp for the walk back!). The trailhead for both is located off Glacier Point Road (open seasonally May-November).

For Taft Point: At the trailhead, turn left to head toward Taft Point and The Fissures. The walk is easy at first, through the forest and wildflower-filled meadows (in July). Be careful around The Fissures and at Taft Point, where you’ll enjoy magnificent views of Yosemite Valley.

For Sentinel Dome: At the trailhead, turn right to head toward Sentinel Dome. Once near the dome, the trail meets an old road. Follow the road to the northeast side of the dome, where the incline is less imposing. Scramble up the side of the dome and, at the top, enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree panorama.

*Warning* Never climb domes during a thunderstorm.

  • Square Ft: 0 - 1,000
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