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Coffee with the Critters

Coffee with the Critters

Central Mariposa County

Bootjack, CA, USA

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Arrive at the Kitty Hotel homestead grab a coffee, fruit or scone before our tour. Visit animal enclosures armed with carrots & treats as the animals come and visit. The horse & goats love carrots & grapes, the pigs will eat just about anything.  See if you can get them to roll over when their belly is scratched! Inside the chicken enclosure, baby chicks can be held if mommy hen permits. Mother hens with chicks or sitting on eggs are sometimes visible.

​Treats, like fresh lettuce, can be offered as the eager hens gather around looking for their favorite snacks. ​Just sitting back and watching the animals feed, swim and engage with each other is fascinating.

Sip your coffee while watching the show. Safety guidelines must be respected so that the experience is safe for the animals and visitors. At any time of year, there are many rescued animals that live here harmoniously.

​Things are always changing with the seasons too. The raised bed gardens provide vegetables, herbs and flowers and are used to feed the household and also the animals. Large compost piles give us beautiful black rich compost each spring to produce our abundant garden. The circle of life is illustrated in a rich tapestry at the Kitty Hotel, a modest homestead. 100% of your fee goes toward the upkeep and care of the animals.

Coffee with Critters began organically as the owners enjoyed touring people around their farm and providing a glimpse of farm living to interested friends or friends of friends.  As expenses for food, shelter & supplies have increased, the idea to invite tourists to experience our farm was hatched. We use the tour proceeds to support and feed our animal friends and to further our work with rescued animals.  Animals are fed organic feeds, vegetables, fruits and sprouts.

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