Big Tree Lodge Stables Yosemite Horseback Riding
Big Tree Lodge Stables Yosemite Horseback Riding
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Wawona Stable


Wawona Stable is open seasonally from May to September.
Easy trail rides through gorgeous surroundings are the hallmark of Wawona Stable rides.

Two-Hour Ride
Round trip from Wawona Stable to the Meadow Loop Trail. You’ll follow the path of early pioneers on a two-hour ride that traverses the historic wagon road. Ideal for riders of all ages and abilities, the terrain is flat and the riding is gentle.

Half-Day Ride
The half-day ride takes riders up into the mountain trails. Please note these trails are often uneven and can consist of many switchbacks up a steep slope. This is a strenuous ride best suited to riders in good physical condition.

The Wawona Stable primarily uses mules for the trail rides as they are more sure-footed for the trails.

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