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Skelton Creek Trail

Skelton Creek Trail

Central Mariposa County

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Natural Features:  The trail winds alongside a bubbling brook while towering pines, oaks and deciduous broad-leafed trees cast shade. The brook spills into Skelton Creek, and then downstream to Devil’s Gulch. Home to many fellow beings, watch for Black Bears as they travel on the trail or forage for food nearby.

Cultural History: For thousands of years, indigenous peoples have lived here. In 1890, this area was included in Yosemite National Park, and was patrolled by the US Army, its caretakers.  In 1915, however, it was excluded from the park to allow mining, logging and cattle grazing. The Blue Glory Mine appears to have been developed in the mid 1920’s, while placer mining along Devil’s Gulch occurred much earlier.

Trail Safety:  Be cautious—there are many standing dead trees that can easily fall in windy or rainy conditions; be cautious of slippery rocks near the creek; and, in warm weather, beware of rattlesnakes.  Carry plenty of water with you. There is no cell service in the canyon. The lower trail (beyond the mine) to Devil’s Gulch is not maintained and is not recommended for use.

Adjacent Residences: While the majority of the trail is within the Sierra National Forest, the first 1/3 mile traverses near private residences. Please be courteous.

Leave no Trace:   The Skelton Creek Trail is a wonderful place to see the glory of nature.  It is amazing how a wild place can look so perfect.  You can help sustain the magic by packing out what you pack in. Thanks!

This trail is maintained by Mariposa Trails, a local volunteer organization dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of trails in Mariposa County. To learn more about Mariposa Trails, or to volunteer, click the link here.