Nevada Fall and Liberty Cap by Damian Riley
Nevada Fall and Liberty Cap by Damian Riley
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Nevada Fall and Liberty Cap


Nevada Fall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Yosemite National Park and Liberty Cap is the rock dome immediately to the left. One of the two major waterfalls that are part of the Mist Trail, Nevada Fall is a very popular destination for hikers and backpackers making the long trek to Yosemite or on their way to the John Muir Trail.

You can view Nevada Fall from Glacier Point, but otherwise the most popular way to access it is to get on the trail. Take the Mist Trail from Happy Isles (shuttle stop #16) to get up close and personal with this beautiful Yosemite icon.

The best time of the year for hiking the trail is early-mid spring, when the fall is at its peak. However, autumn rains can make this fall flow again and there is no better time to hike this trail then when you are the one of the only ones! Which is much more likely to be the case in autumn then in spring and summer. Expect heavy crowds in summer for this popular hike.