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May Lake High Sierra Camp
May Lake & Mount Hoffmann
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May Lake High Sierra Camp


A short trail leads through a conifer forest and across granite slabs to reach May Lake. Enjoy views of Half Dome and surrounding mountains on the way and Mount Hoffmann is reflected in the lake.

Towering above May Lake, Mt. Hoffman is the geographic center of Yosemite National Park and an excellent, though strenuous, hike for May Lake visitors. Located on a quiet, high mountain lake, perfect for relaxing and fishing, the camp is a fantastic blend of hospitality and high country scenery. The ridge just behind the camp is worth a visit as it offers a grand view of the southern end of Yosemite.

May Lake is also one of the High Sierra Camps and it is the easiest camp to access via a short, one-mile hike from the parking lot off Tioga Road. The camp offers eight cabins that can accommodate 36 guests.