If you’re looking for a bed and breakfast near Yosemite, check out a variety of places to stay in Mariposa County and the surrounding area near Yosemite National Park. At bed and breakfasts in Mariposa County, the entrance to Yosemite is just a short jaunt away. Accommodations are often family-friendly, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast each morning, and lastly come back to a comfortable bed that isn’t too far away after a long day!

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Yosemite Bed and Breakfasts inside the gates

Is there a bed and breakfast actually inside Yosemite? There’s only one bed and breakfast inside the gates of Yosemite National Park – the Yosemite West High Sierra Bed and Breakfast, a spacious B&B that offers a cabin-like stay and continental breakfast to its guests. But just outside Yosemite National Park are a plethora of cozy rooms and comfortable beds perfect for a Yosemite stay.

Bed and Breakfast Near Yosemite

Visiting Yosemite and looking for a home base close by? The surrounding area of Mariposa County has a variety of bed and breakfasts with gorgeous views and unique charm, a stone’s throw away from the gates of Yosemite with all the comfort and peace of your own home (plus a home-cooked, delicious breakfast every morning). Filter our listings above to find the perfect B&B in any region of Mariposa that you want to explore.

The best Yosemite B&B

What’s the best bed and breakfast in Yosemite National Park? You’ll have no shortage of options – from the Blackberry Inn, which serves fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies to its guests every day, to the private patios of the Whispering Winds Enchanted Cottage and the farm-fresh eggs and outdoor seating areas at the Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast. Just like the adventures you’ll have in Yosemite, the best bed and breakfast in the park is up to you – no matter which B&B you pick, you’re bound to have a good time.