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Yosemite Regions & Maps

Yosemite National Park covers just under 1200 square miles (3108 km2), roughly the size of the state of Rhode Island, and rises from low rolling foothills to the summits of Sierra Nevada peaks. Add in all the golden foothills of Mariposa County and there are hundreds more miles to see and explore. There is a lot to see and do here.

To help simplify, we’ve divided a map of Yosemite Mariposa County into regions to help you organize your itinerary for visiting Yosemite.

Keep reading for more details on each of the Yosemite regions as well as links to maps and other planning resources.

Yosemite Mariposa County’s Regions

Here’s your guide to exploring the many regions of Yosemite Mariposa County.

Naturally, you’ll want to get to know the four main areas inside Yosemite National Park, but there are four incredible regions outside of the park too. Yosemite Valley is famous for its epic overlooks, granite cliffs full of rock climbing routes high above the Merced River. Also learn where to find a vast alpine meadow, or visit a sequoia grove like the Mariposa Grove.

The four regions outside Yosemite are steeped in history and not to be missed. Visit photogenic historic small towns (and tasty restaurants), as well as the open spaces between with fishing, rafting, mountain biking and so much more.

Discover Local Regions

Maps of Yosemite Mariposa County

Map of the Historic Town of Mariposa

Easy-to-read maps will make sure you find the best things to do and places to stay in Yosemite Mariposa County. Find this map of the town of Mariposa and much more.

Once you have a general feel for the area, it’s time to zoom in to find resources and things to do within each region. Here you’ll find a collection of maps to help you navigate some of the small towns on the way to Yosemite, as well as links to help you find a visitor center, or where to start your hike – like where to catch the trail to the top of Yosemite Falls from the valley floor.

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