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Glacier Point

Visitors stand transfixed for hours, taking in the color-saturated spectacle of sunset atop Glacier Point.
Watch the sky behind Half Dome flame pink and orange while the Valley sinks into deep blue shadow.

Getting There and Around

Make the trip by car or bus- or do it on foot!

Car: Take the Glacier Point Road off of Highway 41, a 32-mile drive from the Valley.
Visit our Travel Tools page to find tips on when to go, entrance gate information, and mileage charts.

Hike: The adventurous can attempt the trek from the Valley. The 6400 feet of elevation change is not for the faint of heart! Plan on an 8 hour journey from the Valley via the Four-Mile Trail . See our hiking guide for more information!

Bus: Round-trip and one-way bus tours service Glacier Point from the Valley.

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