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The Yosemite Valley Ice Skating Rink Re-opens in New Location!

For many lovers of Yosemite their fondest memories of the park are in winter, whether gazing at the beautiful snow-capped granite peaks, enjoying a hot drink at The Ahwahnee Hotel or ice skating beneath the serene face of Half Dome. Often thought to be one of the most beautiful ice rink locations in the United States, the Yosemite ice skating rink has recently changed to the eastern section of Curry Village in the main parking area. The new rink still has amazing views of Half Dome and cozy fire pits but it now more sustainably placed for the surrounding habitat.

The tradition of the ice skating rink has been going on now for more than 90 years in Yosemite. The first ice rink was established in 1928 when the Yosemite Winter Club flooded an unused parking lot. People filled the lot and skated in the beautiful valley – and the idea took off!

A visit to this rink should be part of any winter itinerary. Weather permitting, the rink is open every day for several 2.5 hour sessions. Hours and pricing are listed on


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