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  • Pack It In, Pack It Out. An oldie but goodie, this mantra is simple. You bring something into Nature, you pack it out.  Never leave anything that was not created there. Small Garbage, Big Problem. Small pieces of “micro-trash” are often dropped on our trails or left behind in campsites. Train your eye spot these […]

  • No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts. Visitors who smoke must take extra precautions in our wild lands. This means observing restricted areas, being aware of days with High Fire Danger, and most important of all fully extinguishing cigarettes before disposing of them in approved trash receptacles. Car Trouble. Not the typical kind, but the risks that […]

  • Listen To Your Mother. As you enter the blissful space that is Yosemite Mariposa, take a deep breath of pine-scented air and embrace the biggest mama of them all — Mother Nature. This means respecting her beauty while also being aware of the potential dangers of the natural world, all the things we’re not exposed […]

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