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Safe Travel to Yosemite Mariposa County

[Updated November 30, 2020]

Can I travel to Yosemite Mariposa County Right Now?

Yes! Yosemite National Park is open without the need of a day-use reservation to enter and Mariposa County’s business and lodging establishments are here and open to welcome you. While you’re here please help keep us safe by social distancing, wearing a mask and following any public health and safety guidelines.

Lodging in Mariposa County is open to visitors and operating under new cleaning guidelines. Our restaurants are open for outdoor dining as well as indoor dining with restrictions. Museums are open to allow you to explore our rich history. Wineries are open for outdoor tastings.

You can help us mitigate health risks by continuing to social distance, wearing face coverings, and washing and sanitizing your hands regularly. Above all, if you are feeling even slightly ill, please stay home.

Take advantage of all the space to spread out.

Yosemite National Park covers more than 1100 square miles. So, if you’re looking for a little more space, that can also be easy to find. Get the insider tips on six easy ways to find solitude in Yosemite.

Remember, if you’re really looking for peace and quiet, don’t forget to explore the areas outside Yosemite National Park as well. Just to give you some idea of the wide variety of activities in the greater Mariposa County area, see our list of 100 things to do in Mariposa County.

Lodging and Service Safety Standards Meet or Exceed California State Guidelines

You may wonder if it’s safe to travel to California for an overnight stay or longer. Many lodging and other businesses are finding creative ways to reduce the spread of disease while continuing to provide the basic services you need. You’ve probably already become used to grocery store changes like limited numbers of people in a building at a time, plexiglass screens to protect employees, and regular employee screenings. You’ll find many of the same procedures in place here as well.

Inside the park, the Visitor Center stations have been moved out of the visitor center and into the open air. Transparent screens have been put in place and operations altered to minimize ways that a virus could be transmitted, in accordance with United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.

Some of the new safety guidelines include a 24-hour hold between guests to allow for an extensive cleaning, washing all linens in each room, removing pamphlets and magazines from lobbies, and washing each and every dish in between guests in each hotel and cabin rental. We’re taking cleanliness seriously to keep you safe.

Businesses are required to have a health and safety plan. Feel free to contact businesses directly for more specifics.

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Take Safety Seriously on Trails

On trails and trailheads, please be respectful of the hikers around you by leaving as much space between each other as possible. If staying 6 feet away isn’t possible, wear a cloth face covering.

Outside the park, the trails are typically so quiet there is less worry about contacting other groups of people. Although it is still important to be respectful, you’ll find plenty of space to stretch your legs without encountering many others. To find hiking outside of Yosemite, visit our hiking page and sort by region.

Help Us Keep Yosemite Mariposa County Open

In order to keep the number of cases of COVID-19 under control and not overwhelm our rural health care system, we need your help. Take the rules on social distancing and wearing face coverings and handwashing seriously so that the park and the county can continue to open more services, reduce limitations on visitation, and keep coronavirus cases low. Other counties have had to close again as COVID-19 cases spiked after restrictions were relaxed. We ask that you please be a responsible traveler for yourself as well as the general public. If you’re showing any symptoms, consider getting a COVID-19 test before visiting. Also, heed California travel restrictions that are in place in your respective area.

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