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Plan Your Wine Tasting Adventure on Your Getaway Stay to Yosemite

Are you planning a romantic trip for an anniversary or a birthday with your significant other? If Yosemite is your dream location then we have some great suggestions on activities that you can do while you are on your romantic getaway.

A great activity for couples to do together is go on a wine tasting tour. There are several Yosemite Area wineries conveniently located close to the park entrance. Most wineries with tasting rooms have open hours to come by for wine tasting. It is still advised to contact the winery ahead of time if you have a larger party or plan to come during the busy season. Many wineries allow for private tastings and tours if you contact them ahead of time, and it guarantees you a spot when you arrive.

Wine tours are very popular, but it can be intimidating to go on one if you consider yourself as someone who doesn’t enjoy wine. Believe it or not, a wine tour is the perfect thing for you to do if you don’t like wine or if you have only tried select-few varieties. Aside from the actual tour you are paying to get to try all different kinds of wine that will range from light and sweet to heavy and tart, and everything in between. Buying wine from a store is a commitment and if you find that you don’t like it you have wasted a bottle of wine. During a wine tasting you get small samples of wine, so if you don’t like one it isn’t a waste.

If you do decide to go on a wine tour and you haven’t been on one before there are a few things to consider before you go.

Things to consider:

1. Bring an open mind! Consider this as an opportunity to try several different varieties of wine. Like any other type of food or beverage there are thousands of different types of wine. Every type will taste different depending on where the grape was grown, how it was fermented and even how it was bottled. You can’t say that you dislike all types of wine until you have tried a lot of different kinds.

2. Pace yourself. If you are planning on visiting multiple wineries or trying more then 3 wines in a short period of time you should not be drinking large quantity of wine each time. It is called a wine tasting because you get the full flavor and experience of a wine from just a small sip. The wine is enjoyed slowly so you can fully experience the complex flavors and let your taste buds grab on to the different aspects of the wine. If you consume too much wine too quickly you will actually tire out your taste buds and you will no longer be enjoying what the individual wines should taste like. Drinking water between wines and taking breaks will help prevent this from this happening.

3. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t like a specific type of wine. The only way to know if you like a specific variety of wine is if you try it. Even people who are considered wine connoisseurs can tell you that there are wines they don’t enjoy and prefer not to drink.

4. If you have any questions be sure to ask the people serving you the wine and taking you on the tour. The people who work at wineries are experts who spend a lot of time around wine and sample it on a regular basis. They want to help you enjoy your experience and learn about wine so you can have a better appreciation for it.

5. Above all have fun. Going on a wine tasting tour should be a great experience for both you and your significant other. Try to take the entire experience in and get the most out of it. Don’t expect to know everything there is to know about wine in a single tour. It takes people years of trying different types of wines to find what they love, and to learn all about the art of drinking wine. Hopefully you will find a wine you like and it can be the start of a new hobby you can share as you start to appreciate the tastes of different wine types.

Hopefully this is helpful when you are planning for your wine tour during your next trip to Yosemite. We are so excited for your next trip to Yosemite and the surrounding areas. If you have any comments or questions about this post or about any other activities available to you please share with us in the comments.

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