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Camp Chilnualna Cabins in Yosemite

Camp Chilnualna Cabins in Yosemite

Southern Yosemite

Wawona, CA, United States

(209) 225-6189

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Yosemite National Park is Mother Nature’s most impressive creation in the majestic West, Wawona is the best-kept secret inside Yosemite, and historic Camp Chilnualna (pronounced “Chill New All Na”) Cabins in Yosemite have been Wawona’s beating heart for nearly a century. No matter what you love most about Yosemite—from its thunderous, cascading waterfalls, to epic granite monoliths, and unparalleled wildlife—you will fall in love with Wawona because it has everything except hordes of tourists invading your precious experience at every turn.