Hey, What’s That? A Game of Yosemite Mariposa Landmarks

father points out half dome to kid

There's a lot to see

So you’re exploring the history-rich, geologically-grand corners of Yosemite Mariposa and something comes into brilliant focus.  It could be the glowing face of Half Dome as the setting sun hits perfectly or the massive rough-hewn stone blocks of the old Mariposa jail.  Maybe it’s the historic Gold Rush facade of the Hotel Jeffrey in Coulterville or the odd sight of a golf course inside a National Park. From the remote high country to the sun-baked shores of Lake McClure, there’s a landmark for everyone in Yosemite Mariposa, and no matter what you discover the response is universal: hey, what’s that?

Hey, What’s That? Rules

The rules are simple. You get Milestone Points for spotting a specific Yosemite Mariposa landmark.  The farther off the beaten path, the more points.

Monumental Magnifier Points. Rack up extra credit points for delving deeper!

Winner.  Whoever gets the most points. The game ending is up to you: play for a set period of time (i.e. a single day, or your entire trip); until someone reaches X number of points (i.e. 100 points); or even cooperation mode where everyone combines their points. Hey, even go all-in and complete your entire board for mega-cred! How about a prize for the winners?  Summer burgers & ice cream or winter cinnamon rolls & hot chocolate sound nice!

Click here for a printable game card.

Pro Gamer Tips

  • Get out the car and explore!
  • Bring a camera/phone to breathe life into your game board!
  • Know your seasons! Some landmarks are only visible at certain times of the year (think waterfalls) while some roads close in winter (Tioga Road, for example).
  • Use Hey, What’s That? educationally to launch a deeper dive into Gold Country history, including the plight of the native Miwuk. Other subjects covered are geology, architecture and botany just to name a few!

Extra Credit

Buy or make a blank Hey, What’s That? field guide before you go and encourage your kids to draw, label and date what they’ve seen!  It’s a great way to wrap up your Yosemite Mariposa game day, and makes for a fridge-worthy memento once you get back home.

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