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First Climb in Yosemite? Start Here

Staring up at the 3,000 ft. granite face of El Capitan just does something to a climber. These glacially-polished walls of sheer granite have inspired climbers of all abilities for decades. The allure is irresistible and the challenge is inescapable.

Relax and find your balance

While strength and training cannot be overstated the real challenge is balance; it requires more mental focus than just pulling your weight up. Here are some resources to help plan your Yosemite climbing experience.

A great resource for finding easy/moderate climbs is; check out their Yosemite Valley Climbing guide.

Use the bullet boards at camp 4 in Yosemite Valley to make friends and find people who might want to climb with you. It’s free!

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Join the Yosemite Climbing Event of the Year!

Featured Event

Yosemite's Facelist is the climbing and conservation event of the year in Yosemite. Occuring annually in late September, this event brings together more than 1,400 volunteers as they pick up as much as 5,800 lbs of litter! It's a great way to rub shoulders with well-known climbers and give back to the park that has given so much to the art of climbing. Lynn Hill and Tommy Caldwell both made appearances at last year's event.

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