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Farm and Ranch Tour

Farm and Ranch Tour
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Historic Coulterville and the North County will be highlighted for the 18th Farm and Ranch Tour, a project of the Mariposa AgriNature Association.  You are invited to visit 4 locations plus the Northern Mariposa History Center. Each location offers you the opportunity to learn more about agricultural practices and resource preservation from the property owners and experts.  The locations will not only showcase their own unique agricultural operations, but vendors and artists will be sharing their crafts as well.  It will be a family-friendly fun day in the country, with activities for all ages.

Three of our locations are:

  • Moon Shine Ranch, a cattle ranch that has been particularly successful at keeping the ranch friendly to wildlife and fire safe. The ranch is also located in an interesting location geographically and historically.
  • Wild Fire Ranch, a sheep ranch also with Jan DeShera’s Weaving Studio, located just up hill from Coulterville. This location also features a working border collie and other ranch working dogs.
  • Big Table Ranch, an event venue with a focus on investing in the community to promote positive social welfare through fundraising and philanthropy. Their  garden features a range of permaculture, water conservation and soil building techniques.

History will be a special emphasis on this year’s tour, and the museum will be featured as part of the tour.  Special events are in the planning for all locations and the history center.

Cost: free of charge.

If you would like to be kept up to date on plans, follow this event on Face Book at, or check

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