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Yosemite Mariposa County Road Conditions Update

For updated 24-hour road and weather conditions for Yosemite National Park:

Call (209) 372-0200 for the latest road conditions update

Portion of Highway 140 closed

Highway 140 is currently closed in the highlighted area

Last updated October 7, 2019: 7:42 p.m

Highway 140 to Yosemite National Park is currently closed from the top of the Briceburg Grade near Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort to Cedar Lodge near El Portal due to a brush fire. Crews are working to maintain the fire. Guests planning to leave or enter Yosemite National Park are advised to re-route using Highway 120 through Tuolumne Meadows and Buck Meadows or Highway 49 through Wawona and Fish Camp. There is currently no approximate time to re-open the highway. Evacuations are in effect for areas near The Octagon and Buffalo Gulch Road. The Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort is currently closed and has no set time to re-open as of now.

Top Travel Recommendations

  • Arrive early and stay late, and visit Yosemite during the week instead of on weekends. Congestion and delays are worse on weekends, with Saturdays and holiday weekends being particularly busy.
  • Ride a YARTS bus to enter the park.
  • If you drive, park your car for the duration of your stay. Driving from site to site increases traffic congestion and can cause frustration for you and your passengers.
  • Ride free shuttles to enjoy Yosemite Valley, once parked.
  • Bring plenty of food and water for potential delays and stop and use restrooms when they are available.

Whether you’re here for a day or a month, a map is essential to getting around in Yosemite National Park. Yes, there are great smartphone apps and reliable GPS units out there, but we all know technology can fail at the worst times, which makes a backup map a crucial addition to your backpack. Pick up weatherproofed/laminated maps at your local outdoors store or print out PDF maps from our Yosemite Maps page.

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