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Annual Report Update

terry selk

Terry Selk, Executive Director of Yosemite Mariposa County Tourism Bureau

With your support, the Mariposa County Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) has made great gains for the tourism industry of Mariposa County. In fact, Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) overall has grown more than 50% since the TBID was adopted and increased by a similar percentage in the off-season months over the same time period. The focus on driving off-season overnight stays in the last five years has helped October- April TOT grow 42%.

The 2016/2017 the Transient Occupancy Tax totaled $14.9 million, up 3.7% over 2015/2016 fiscal year and marking yet another record-breaking year of collections. Those collections translate to more jobs and better services throughout our community.

While this demonstrates tremendous progress for our industry we are tirelessly seeking ways to make sure the economic vitality of our community is ensured year-round. See our highlights from last year below or watch our end of year report video and read our 2017/2018 Marketing Plan for full details on what we have planned this year.

2016/2017 Highlights

Total Digital Impressions: 19,338,833 (19+ million)

  • Total Clicks: 44,777
  • Total CTR: 2.64% (search & display Combined)
  • Book conversions (including view through conversions): 16,589
  • Travel Planner downloads: 793

Offline and Print

  • Total print and offline media impressions: 13.2 million Website

  • More than 4 million total pageviews
  • 1,410,399 in Total User Sessions (163% increase compared to last year)
  • 4,260,471 Total Page Views (236% increase compared to last year)
  • Top Ranked Page: Places to Stay

We hope you find the report and our marketing plan of use and we are happy to answer any questions or provide more information at (209) 742-4567 or email


Terry Selk

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