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You stayed home. Now visit the home of Yosemite.
Welcome back.

Bask in the Bountiful Beauty of Mariposa County

We’re reopening to visitors who are ready to wander in wild wonder across miles and miles of open space.

Yosemite Mariposa County Is All Yours, California

The splendor of Yosemite extends beyond the granite giants of the park in surrounding Mariposa County, and it’s all forever yours. The range of scenery from the Merced River, the Sierra and Stanislaus National Forests, Lake McClure to White Rock and more provide the perfect backdrop for you to get away and explore a home away from home.

With vacation rentals available, you can stay in amazing Mariposa County and discover the rich history of the California Gold Rush like never before, and support the communities that make Mariposa County as special as The Home of Yosemite.

There are no bounds to this beauty.

Stay In Amazing Mariposa County

Nestle yourself in nature when you stay in one of Mariposa County’s abundance of available cabin rentals, hotels and inns.

Untouched. Unfiltered. Unmatched.

Explore Historic Mariposa County

Take the family retreat you’ve been waiting for with miles of open space to wander, ponder and discover the pride of California.