Horseback Riding

Yos Trails - Horseback thru stream

Explore the park the way the first pioneers did – by horseback!  Guided by a real Yosemite Cowboy, you and your American Quarter Horse will travel along a mountain trail, surrounded by towering pines, lush alpine meadows and the bluest sky you have ever seen. You will even experience the exhilaration of riding your horse through mountain stream.   Offered just outside the South Entrance in Fish Camp rides are offered daily April through early November, weather permitting Visit Yosemite Trails Saddle and Sleigh Company for more information

If you’d like to go in real pioneer style, visit the Pioneer Yosemite History Center in Wawona at the park’s southern entrance. Climb aboard an authentic 1900s-era stagecoach driven by the park services’ only ranger/stagecoach driver. Immerse yourself in pioneer history as the team of horses clambers over a covered bridge and transports you back to another time.

If you’d like to bring your horses with you to explore the park there are campgrounds that accommodate horse-trailers and provide staging areas for your horseback riding trips. Learn more.