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Discover Yosemite Weather Resources

One thing is certain: weather can and does change quickly in Yosemite. Rain, snow, wind and other weather events can occur in any season, leaving those who are unprepared scrambling for shelter or frantically searching for snow chains. With the right mindset and some preparation, your trip to Yosemite/Mariposa County can be a memorable one – for all the right reasons.

For the most up-to-date highway conditions, visit Caltrans. Check for possible additional advisories from the Park Service. To view Yosemite weather conditions in the park in real-time, visit the Yosemite Webcams.

Learn more about driving to Yosemite via our Road Conditions page.

Yosemite National Park Weather by Region 

When traveling into Yosemite, it is important to check the Yosemite weather conditions especially during the winter season. Although Yosemite National Park is open all year-round, weather can quickly impact driving, prompting road closures, delays or chain requirements on short notice. Even rockfalls and other natural incidents can also affect travel. With our weather conditions guide, you’ll get up-to-the-minute Yosemite Valley weather, Mariposa weather, Tuolumne Meadows weather and more. For Yosemite road conditions in and around Mariposa County, visit our Road Conditions page.