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Yosemite Traffic, Weather & Distances

For the most up-to-date Highway conditions, visit Caltrans. Check for possible additional advisories from the Park Service. To view conditions in the park in real-time visit the Yosemite Webcams.

Winter Driving in Yosemite

To avoid winter driving in Yosemite you can take YARTS (Yosemite Area Regional Transit System). YARTS service begins in Merced and stops all along State Highway 140 in the winter, picking up at hotels in Mariposa, Midpines, El Portal, and in Yosemite National Park. Stay close to the park (but below the snowline) and take the YARTS into the park for a stress-free way to explore. Once in Yosemite there is a free shuttle that has frequent stops throughout the valley floor.

Chains are sometimes required in the park. Check the road conditions in advance by calling 209/372-0200 (press 1 then 1). You can bring them with you or rent them outside the park in the town of Mariposa.

Traffic Conditions

Driving through Yosemite can be an amazing experience, although in heavy traffic, the scenic routes may not be a peaceful drive. Schedule to enter the park at non-peak hours by viewing the NPS Traffic Forecast.   Driving tip – during the busy summer months, the best time to drive through the park is before 10.00 am or after 4.00 pm.

Yosemite Weather

When traveling into Yosemite, it is important to check the Yosemite weather conditions especially during the winter season.

Travel Time and Distances

Distances from Town of Mariposa
Miles Kilometers Travel Time (hrs)
El Portal 30 48 .67
Yosemite Valley 36 57 .50
Coulterville 28 45 .75
Buck Meadows 46 74 1.25
Sonora 57 92 1.5
Oakhurst 28 45 .75
Fish Camp 46 74 1.25
Wawona 60 97 1.5
Fresno 72 116 1.5
Sacramento 156 251 2.5
San Francisco 166 267 4
Monterey 155 245 4
Tahoe 205 288 4
Los Angeles 292 470 7
Eureka 431 694 8
Las Vegas 467 752 8
New York 2817 4656 47.15
Tokyo 5312 8549
Berlin 6827 10987
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